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Kareem El-Assal
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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just revealed the new mandate letters he has submitted to his cabinet.

In Canada, the Prime Minister issues mandate letters outlining the priorities they expect their ministers to pursue during the federal government’s time in power.
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Each minister and their respective department then focuses on pursuing the priorities.
The mandate letter is the most important policy document that guides Canada’s immigration system. Canada’s new immigration minister, Sean Fraser, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be tasked with implementing the agenda Trudeau outlined to them today.
This will not only impact federal immigration policies but provincial ones as well, given that the federal government plays the lead role in managing the country’s immigration system.
The new immigration mandate letter reveals priorities such as:
Trudeau’s Liberal party was re-elected for a third consecutive term in September. Since assuming power in 2015, they have pursued a policy of aggressively higher immigration levels. This has entailed increasing immigration from some 300,000 arrivals per year to a current target of over 400,000 per year.
Following their victory, Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet in October. Fraser is a trained lawyer from Nova Scotia that was first elected to Parliament in 2015. He replaces Marco Mendicino who served as immigration minister since 2019, and who is now Minister of Public Safety.
According to an October 2021 meeting between IRCC and associations representing Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants, the department currently has three priorities in the short-run: achieving its 401,000 newcomer target for 2021, reuniting families, and bringing Afghan refugees to safety in Canada.
Now that a new mandate letter has been unveiled, we can expect IRCC to expand the scope of its priorities beginning in the coming months.
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