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In his first speech as King this evening, Charles said that William and Kate will now be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales. Addressing the nation, he said: “Today, I am proud to create him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have been so greatly privileged to bear during so much of my life and duty.
“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the centre ground where vital help can be given.” According to a royal source, the Prince and Princess will approach the roles in a “humble and modest way”.”
Roya Nikkah, Royal Editor for the Sunday Times, quotes the source as saying: “The couple are focussed on deepening the trust and respect of the people of Wales over time. The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the modest and humble way they’ve approached their work previously.
“The new Princess of Wales appreciates the history associated with this role but will understandably want to look to the future as she creates her own path.”

The Queen’s children have shared fond memories and “happiest times” with their mother as they paid a tribute to Her Majesty.
In the BBC’s A Tribute To Her Majesty The Queen, charting the late Queen Elizabeth’s life from her idyllic and private childhood home in Piccadilly to her final days, her four children recalled that some of their best times as a family were spent on holiday in Balmoral, Scotland.
Anne, Princess Royal, recalled how “the holiday times were pretty well kept, actually, from our perspective” adding that on holiday her parents were “nearly always around”.
She said: “Partly because it included all the things that she enjoyed, including the countryside, the dogs, the horses and just being out and about and being able to get away a bit from that public gaze.”

Edward, the Earl of Wessex, the Queen’s youngest child, said that “the happiest times inevitably that we’d spend together would be on holidays, so Balmoral and Sandringham stand out very, very clearly as favourite places because of the time we spent together as a family”.
The police have requested mourners of the Queen travelling to Balmoral not to drive to the Aberdeenshire estate as it struggles to manage a large number of visitors, a news report stated.
Her Majesty passed away on Thursday afternoon at Balmoral in Scotland aged 96.
According to a news report, the police in Scotland claimed that there was a shortage of parking space for the public and requested visitors to use nearby park-and-ride facilities.
A state funeral is expected to be held on Monday, September 19.
The police force also said mourners had been arriving in the remote area at night, and warned that it was “not the safest location” with little lighting.
King Charles III may have plenty of changes to make as he steps into Buckingham Palace after the Queen’s death, claimed her former chef Darren McGrady on Friday.
The new monarch gave a moving speech honouring his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, ahead of a prayer service for Her Majesty at St Paul’s Cathedral.
His mother, Her Majesty the Queen died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday afternoon.
Speaking to Fox News, Darren McGrady, who worked for the Queen for over a decade, spoke about her death and the way he expects King Charles to lead the country.

Talking about the steps he would take, Mr McGrady jokingly said: “From the culinary side, first of all, all the menus will change.
“The Queen was really into comfort foods, the traditional cuisine, the Prince of Wales is very much into Italian food. He loves his organic food.
“I can see all the Buckingham Palace gardens becoming organic. The food side he is definitely going to change.”

Prince Andrew will be “forced to do something” claims expert, as his upcoming lawsuit and sexual abuse allegations continue to draw attention to the Royal Family.
 will have to take action by the end of the year, as the issue of his impending civil case over allegations of sexual abuse “clearly isn’t going away”, claims a royal commentator.
Dr Lownie’s comments come after it emerged that the Duke of York has returned to the Balmoral estate to be with the , amid rumours that he has repeatedly avoided attempts to formally serve him with legal papers.
The Duke has been accused of sexual abuse on three occasions, a claim he has consistently denied. 

Speaking to The Royal Beat, biographer Dr Andrew Lownie said: “I’m not informed but it strikes me as an outsider that he’s up there to have a confer with his mum to work out what they’re going to do.
“The policy at the moment seems to be to do nothing in the hope the problem goes away, and it’s clearly not going to go away and as you say, he will be served or he will be forced to do something by the end of the year.
“So they need to do something and they don’t seem to me, to be the behaviour of a man who is innocent.”
Pictures of Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, were taken of the couple arriving at the Queen’s Scottish estate on Tuesday. 

Princess Beatrice has become Counsellor of State, meaning that she will be able to take over King Charles III’s duties if needed. 
The Princess was given the role following the death of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. 
The four counsellors of state are the top four people in the line of succession over the age of 21. 
Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are also counsellors of state – although Harry and Andrew are unlikely to carry out any duties on behalf of the King as they are no longer working royals. 
Queen Camilla can also act in His Majesty’s absence. 
READ MORE Princess Beatrice becomes Counsellor of State Tomorrow’s Daily Express will feature a 32 page commemorative tribute to the Queen. 
Tomorrowu2019s @Daily_Express

u2018May flights of angels sing thee to thy restu2019 #TomorrowsPapersToday
A wonderful sand sculpture of the Queen has been pictured in the Bay of Bengal Sea’s Puri Beach. 

Sand tribute to Queen pictured in Bay of Bengal The Queen was alive for almost a century and lived through every World Cup ever played. 
Queen Elizabeth II lived through every single World Cup EVER played ud83cudfc6
King Charles has been heard describing his Queen’s death as “the moment I’ve been dreading”, during his first audience with the Prime Minister. 

Prince Edward has reflected on his mother’s life in a BBC special which is now being aired on BBC One. 
The Prince said his fondest memories of the Queen are their family trips away together. Prince Edward reflects on his mother's life King Charles has reflected on his mother’s life. during a special programme which is now being aired on the BBC. 
Discussing his memories of his mother, he said: “I’ll shall never forget her,” he says.
“We were small and having a bath and she came in practicing wearing a crown before the coronation – all those sorts of marvellous moments I shall never forget.
“But also, she was always there. I could talk to her about this, that or the other and that has always been something I think that will be very difficult not to have.”

Charles reflects on his mother's life Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II is now Europe’s longest-reigning monarch.
Queen Margrethe is the Queen’s third cousin and has been on the throne for 50 years and seven months. 
She is also Europe’s only reigning queen, though four countries have crown princesses.Queen of Denmark now Europe's longest reigning Monarch Liz Truss places a caring hand on King Charles’s arm during their first meeting this afternoon. Truss places tender hand on King Charles III's arm in first meetingThe Queen’s coffin will travel from Scotland to Windsor, her final resting place. has mapped the expected procession of the monarch’s coffin from Balmoral to Windsor.

Queen's coffin procession mapped Liz Truss has now left St Paul’s cathedral after reading a Bible verse as part of the special service to commemorate the Queen. PM leaves St Paul's following service God Save the King has been sung officially for the first time since King Charles III ascended the throne. 
The national anthem was sung to conclude the ceremony to commemorate the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral. God Save the King sung officially for first time under Charles III reign Prince William and Kate Middleton have spoken out after King Charles III bestowed them with new titles.
In his first speech as King this evening, Charles said that William and Kate will now be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales.
Addressing the nation, he said: “Today, I am proud to create him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have been so greatly privileged to bear during so much of my life and duty.
“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the centre ground where vital help can be given.” According to a royal source, the Prince and Princess will approach the roles in a “humble and modest way”.
Roya Nikkah, Royal Editor for the Sunday Times, quotes the source as saying: “The couple are focussed on deepening the trust and respect of the people of Wales over time. The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the modest and humble way they’ve approached their work previously. The new Princess of Wales appreciates the history associated with this role but will understandably want to look to the future as she creates her own path.”

William and Kateu2019s reaction to becoming Prince and Princess of Wales, a royal source says: u201cThe couple are focussed on deepening the trust and respect of the people of Wales over time. The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the modest and humble way theyu2019ve
The Bishop of London is now paying tribute to the Queen. 
Sarah Mullally said we must all find a way to grieve. 
She said even in the midst of our grief we are encompassed by God’s love. 

Bishop of London pays tribute to Queen Liz Truss is now reading Romans 14:7:12 at the commemorative service for the Queen at St Paul’s cathedral. 

PM reads bible verse at service The choir are now singing at the service at St Paul’s Cathedral, in memory of Elizabeth II. 

Choir sings at St Paul's service King Charles III has addressed the nation for the first time. 
The Monarch said he was speaking with “profound sadness”. 
He described his mother as an “inspiration” to himself and his family. 
The King said Queen Elizabeth is mourned “most deeply”. 
He renewed her promise of lifelong service. 
Charles said he and people around the world are grateful for her 70 years of service. 
He described the changes that the United Kingdom has gone through since Elizabeth became Queen. 
The King announced that William and Kate will now be known as the Prince and Princess and Wales. 
He also expressed his love for Harry and Meghan. 
The King ended his speech by saying: “To my darling mama, as you begin your last journey to join my dear late papa, I want simply to say this: Thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to outer daily and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Charles makes first address as King Crowds have gathered inside St Paul’s cathedral for a service commemorating the late Monarch. 
The order of service can be found here. Crowds gather in St Paul's for service dedicated to QueenHere is a birds-eye view of the crowds gathered at Buckingham Palace to mourn the Queen. Birds eye view of Buckingham Palace

The Letters Patent issued by King George V in 1917 stipulates who gets a royal title within the Royal Family.
When they were born, Archie and Lilibet were great-grandchildren of the monarch, meaning they could not be a Prince or Princess.
The monarch’s children and grandchildren through the male line are eligible for Prince or Princess titles, and through their father Prince Harry, Archie and Lilibet are now eligible.

Under the Letters Patent, Archie is eligible to be known as His Royal Highness Prince Archie of Sussex, while Lilibet can be styled as Her Royal Highness Princess Lilibet of Sussex.
However, it remains to be seen whether the royal children will use their titles going forward or remain Master and Miss.

Elizabeth II and Queen consort Camilla shared a lot of common interests, according to a royal expert. 
Discussing their relationship, Angela Levin told TalkRADIO: “They had such a lot in common, of course, Camilla and the Queen.
“They could talk horses all day long. They could talk dogs all day long.
“They both have a very similar sense of humour, very quick and self-deprecating.
“So they had all the conditions of a warm relationship.”

England managers Gareth Southgate and Sarina Wiegman have paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
England managers Gareth Southgate and Sarina Wiegman have paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Prime Minister Liz Truss has described the Queen as the “rock that modern Britain was built on”. 

On behalf of a grieving nation I offer my deepest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty.

She was the rock on which modern Britain was built.

The thoughts of this government and this nation are with His Majesty The King and his family.
People have begun to arrive at St Paul’s cathedral for this evening’s service to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II. 
The service will begin at around 6pm.People arrive at St Paul's for service commemorating Queen Queen Elizabeth II had to listen to her own funeral plans as it is a royal custom, according to Daily Express’ Royal Roundup podcast host Pandora Forsyth.
Ms Forsyth discussed this matter with Anne Diamond on GB News. 
Ms Diamond said: “And these events are even rehearsed aren’t they, I mean there always was a running joke from the Queen Mother in her day, that she said to her staff ‘for heaven’s sake close the windows I don’t want to hear any more of my own funeral’ because early hours of the morning she was in Clarence House.
“Early hours of the morning there would be a rehearsal of some sort of funeral arrangement.
“And I imagine the Queen has had to put up with the same thing.”

Ms Forsyth added: “Oh absolutely, absolutely and she’s had lots and lots of time to prep for it… Obviously.”
Ms Diamond said: “She would’ve had a say in it as well.”
Ms Forsyth said: “Yes and she also did see her late husband’s funeral, and I can imagine in those moments like any spouse would, thinking ok so this is maybe a bit of an indicator of what’s to come for me.
“You know, it does sound awful, but I can imagine that might have been going through her thoughts.”


Crowds of mourners have laid moving tributes to Elizabeth II at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. 

Mourners lay tributes at Holyrood Mourners lay tributes at Holyrood This weekend, the Daily Express and Sunday Express celebrate the life of Her Majesty the Queen, with a commemorative special filled with all the key moments from Britain’s longest reigning monarch.  Be sure to pick up your copy of the Daily Express and Sunday Express to get both pullouts.
The new King Charles III and the new Prime Minister Liz Truss are at present holding their first audience with each other at Buckingham Palace. 

The Vice Chief of the Defence Staff at the Ministry of Defence has paid tribute to the Queen. 
Alongside a photograph of the Queen, the Ministry of Defence tweeted a message from the Vice chief which read: “I would like to echo the sentiment of the Secretary of State, Chief of Defence Staff and Permanent Under Secretary by offering my sincerest condolences to His Majesty The King and the Royal Family.
“Yesterday’s profoundly saddening news about Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, has been felt deeply across Defence.
“Her Late Majesty epitomised the best values of the service to the nation.
“Her lifelong devotion to duty is an inspiration to us all and over the next ten days the people of Defence will perform their roles with privilege and honour.
“At this historic point in time I would encourage everyone to take a moment and personally reflect on the importance of those we hold most dear.”

Vice Chief of the Defence Staff General Gwyn Jenkings has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on the sad news of her passing.
A solemn Kate Middleton has been pictured driving in Windsor in dark sunglasses for the first time since her mother-in-law’s passing. 
READ MORE Kate pictured in dark sunglasses for first time since Queen's passing The Queen’s death is not only being felt in the UK, but across the world.  
Art school students in Mumbai are creating moving tributes to Her Majesty. 

Art school students pay tribute to Queen in MumbaiKing Charles III greeted fans upon his arrival at Buckingham Palace. 
Mourners lay flowers at Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s favourite places. Mourners lay flowers at WindsorThe SNP’s Ian Blackford has paid tribute to Elizabeth, “Queen of Scots”. 
Addressing MPs in the Commons while wearing a kilt, Mr Blackford said:  “She was a monarch who reigned with compassion and integrity and established a deep connection with the public.
“And the affection which the Queen had for Scotland and that Scotland had for the Queen, cannot be under-estimated.”
He added: “The relationship between Scotland and the Queen was one of shared admiration.
“Indeed, whilst she was everyone’s Queen, for many in Scotland, she was Elizabeth, Queen of Scots.”

Earlier this afternoon, Sir Lindsay Hoyle led the Speaker’s procession to the House of Commons where a minute’s silence was observed to honour the Queen. 

Today I led the Speaker’s procession to the House of Commons Chamber where a minute’s silence was observed in memory of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
All US flags have been ordered to fly at half-mast until the Queen’s funeral. 
ud83dudea8 | NEW: All US flags ordered to fly at half-mast until Queen’s state funeral
A mourner has kissed King Charles on the cheek as he met with the public upon his return to Buckingham Palace.Mourner kisses King Charles King Charles and Camilla have been pictured looking at flowers and tributes to Queen Elizabeth II. King Charles at Camilla visit tributes to QueenKing Charles at Camilla visit tributes to QueenFollowing the Queen’s death, many members of the public will be wanting to lay flowers in her honour. has mapped the tribute spots where the public can lay flowers across the UK.

Where can mourners lay flowers for the Queen?King Charles III and Camilla have now entered Buckingham Palace, as Charles prepares for his speech this evening. Charles and Camilla enter Buckingham Palace King Charles has arrived at Buckingham Palace and is greeting royal fans. Charles greets royal fans

Good afternoon, I’m Olivia Stringer and I’ll be bringing you all the latest developments on the Royal Family, following the passing of Elizabeth II. Please feel free to get in touch with me as I work if you have a story or tips to share! Your thoughts are always welcome.
Twitter: @Livstringer_

King Charles III was pictured fighting back tears as he left Balmoral following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.  
Buckingham Palace announced the Queen had died “peacefully” at Balmoral in Aberdeen on Thursday as members of the Royal Family rushed to be by her side. King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort will now ascend the throne.
A photograph showed the 73-year old monarch in the back seat of a grey car, with his wife, and now the Queen Consort, Camilla at the front sitting beside the driver. Both of them wore black.
Charles is expected to address the country later today after meeting with Prime Minister Liz Truss for the first time. 
Following his mother’s death, Charles said the moment is of “great sadness” for all members of the Royal Family.
He added: “We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother. I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the Realms, and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.
“During this period of mourning and change, my family and I will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the Queen was so widely held.”
The King’s historic Accession Council will be held on Saturday at 10am in St James’s Palace.
It will be televised for the first time in history, showing the King being formally proclaimed monarch as King Charles III makes his declaration and oath.
A Principal Proclamation will be read in public for the first time by the Garter King of Arms in the open air from the balcony overlooking Friary Court at St James’s an hour later at 11am.
King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have arrived in London following their flight from Aberdeen.
Their flight landed at RAF Northholt in the last ten minutes.
They are now headed straight for Buckingham Palace.

RAF NORTHOLTPrince CharlesThe Queen’s coffin will be transported to St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, where she will lie in state for 24 hours. 
The historic cathedral is situated on the city’s Royal Mile, halfway between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
Preparations are underway at the cathedral to be ready for the Queen.
READ MORE. Edinburgh cathedral readies for Queen Elizabeth II coffinQueues of people are now forming as thousands descend on Buckingham Palace to lay flowers and pay their respects. 

Large crowds are gatheringPrince William has left Balmoral to travel back to Windsor, Kensington Palace announced. 
The Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, who is a Privy Counsellor, will attend the Accession Council on Saturday morning. 
Gun salutes have been fired around the country, marking each year of the Queen’s life. 
96 rounds were fired in ten interval seconds at Hyde Park while similar ceremonies took place at the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff and Gibraltar. Tower of LondonFormer prime minister Boris Johnson told the Commons he “choked up” when he was asked to record a tribute to the Queen by the BBC.
He said: “A few months ago the BBC came to see me to talk about Her Majesty the Queen, and we sat down, the cameras started rolling, and they requested that I should talk about her in the past tense.
“I am afraid I simply choked up and I couldn’t go on. I am really not easily moved to tears, but I was so overcome with sadness that I had to ask them to go away.
“I know that today there are countless people in this country and around the world who have experienced the same sudden unexpected emotion.”

A Google Doodle in a plain grey colour with a black ribbon is paying tribute to the Queen. 
The search engine’s main page, which normally celebrates various occasions with a special graphic or animation called Google Doodle, today was empty and plain to honour Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Under the emotional graphic, a black ribbon appeared, to commemorate the Queen who died at the age of 96, after having served for seven decades.
The alternative text used in the picture’s metadata, for people who are not able to see the image, reads: “Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022”.

Prime Minister Liz Truss described a new “Carolean age” as she closed her speech saying “God save the King”.
She told MPs: “All of us in this House will support him as he takes our country forward to a new era of hope and progress. Our new Carolean age.
“The crown endures. Our nation endures. And in that spirit, I say God save the King.”
Her speech was met with approval from MPs with Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, a Home Office minister, shouting “God save the King” from the side gallery as she finished.
Sir David Attenborough has paid tribute to the Queen saying she had an “extraordinary ability to put you at your ease”.
In a statement to the PA news agency, the natural historian and broadcaster said: “If there was a technical hitch, she wanted to know what it was, and if it had a funny side, she was quick to see the joke.
“Yet not for one second could you forget that you were in the presence of someone who had willingly accepted enormous responsibility and dedicated her life to serving the nation – that you were, in short, in the presence of toyalty.
“The whole nation is bereaved.”

The Queen and Sir David Attenborough in 2019King Charles III has arrived at Aberdeen Airport to depart for London.
Camilla, Queen Consort accompanied the King as they boarded a jet. 
Shortly after Buckingham Palace confirmed that The King will be proclaimed at the Accession Council at 10am on Saturday in the State Apartments of St Jame’s Palace,King Charles III arrives at Aberdeen AirportMPs have held a minutes of silence to pay their respects to the Queen for the Speaker of the House paid his own tribute. 
Prime Minister Liz Truss then opened tributes hailing the Queen’s life of service. 
She said: “We remember the pledge she gave on her 21st birthday to dedicate her life to service.
“The whole house will agree – never has a promise been so completely fulfilled.”

Bells at Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Windsor Castle, and churches across the country will toll in tribute to the Queen at 12pm.
Emmanuel Macron said the Queen’s death leave us with an “emptiness”. 
In a video message the French president praised “her rare but powerful words and her unshakeable dignity”, he underlined her “special affection for France”.
He recalled: “Elizabeth II mastered our language, loved our culture and touched our hearts. Since her coronation, she has met and spoken with all our presidents. No other country has had the privilege of receiving her as often as we have.”

He also pledged to commemorate and perpetuate “the values which she never ceased to embody and promote. The moral force of democracy and freedom”. Finally, the Head of State sent “his sincere condolences to His Majesty the King, the Royal Family, the British people and all those who loved the Queen.”
“She will be deeply missed,” he concluded.
To you, she was your Queen.
To us, she was The Queen.
She will be with all of us forever.
All Premier League fixtures have been postponed this weekend as a mark of respect. 
Fixtures in the English Football League will also not take place. 
This includes the Monday night fixture between Leeds and Nottingham. 
The corgi community has “lost part of our world”, an expert has said. 
The monarch was known for her love of the breed, owning more than 30 corgis and dorgis – a corgi-dachshund cross – during her reign.

Kay Hogg, secretary of the Welsh Corgi League Scottish sector, said the corgi community was saddened at the Queen’s death.
She told the PA news agency: “We are very, very sad. Everywhere the Queen went there were always corgis. She grew up with corgis and everybody associated corgis with the Queen.
“We feel as though, although there is a corgi league and a society, we’ve actually lost part of our world. She did so much for the breed, always had corgis by her side all her life.”

The Queen owned more than 30 corgisThe King and Queen Consort are en route to Aberdeen airport where they will fly back to London.
Pictures of the King in a black car appeared to show him fighting back tears. 
It is understood Charles will meet with Prime Minister Liz Truss before a giving a televised speech at 6pm. King Charles III leaves BalmoralThe King appeared tearyThe shop of an anti-monarchist, who posted a video of her holding a sign proclaiming “Lizard Liz is Dead” while she popped champagne, has been attacked by a furious mob.
Anti-monarchist Jacki Pickett faced an onslaught from her neighbours in Muir of Ord, a small village in the north of Scotland, after she released a video on social media of her in front of her fish and chip shop celebrating the death of Queen Elizabeth II, popping champagne and dancing as she held a sign saying ‘Lizard Liz is Dead and London Bridge has fallen’.
A furious mob quickly gathered outside the Jaki Fish and Chip Shop and booed and berated Ms Pickett.
It was reported that eggs were pelted at the storefront and the police were called to disperse the crowd and forced to shut the shop over concerns for the owner’s safety. 

Filming of the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ has been halted out of respect for the Queen. 
The show’s creator Peter Morgan said filming for season six, which follows the Queen’s reign up to early 2000’s has stoped. 
He said: “The Crown is a love letter to her and I’ve nothing to add for now, just silence and respect. I expect we will stop filming out of respect too.”
Sir Keir Starmer led tributes to the Queen at a meeting of the shadow cabinet on Friday morning, Labour said.
A party spokesperson said: “The shadow cabinet met at 9.30 this morning in Richmond House on the parliamentary estate.
“Keir Starmer led tributes to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the whole shadow cabinet stood in silent tribute to the late Queen.”

City of London Police announced a number of road closures in central London today. 
The colors, around St Paul’s Cathedral, are in preparation for the public service being held this evening. 
u2757ufe0f ROAD CLOSURES u2757ufe0f

The roads shown in purple on the map below will be closed from 10am today.

Further closures may be put in place throughout the day.

Check back here or contact @cityoflondon for further updates.

The courts have fallen silent and cases were briefly brought as judges expressed their “profound sorrow” at the death of the Queen.
Lawyers and court users gathered in the Great Hall of the Old Bailey to observe the two-minute silence at 10am.
Among them were dozens of senior barristers whose titles will now change from Queen’s Counsel to King’s Counsel.
Before observing the silence, the Common Serjeant, Judge Richard Marks KC said it was a “profoundly sad occasion”.
“I’m sure we all send out very deepest condolences to members of the royal family.”
Some Old Bailey judges, who gathered in the hall, wore “mourning bands” with dark lines around their necks instead of their usual collars.

Legoland Windsor has closed today in respect of the Queen.
The resort and theme park said: “We are extremely saddened to hear of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II.
“Our thoughts are with all the Royal Family at this deeply sad time.”
The tribute was posted on Twitter alongside a picture of a lego statue of the Queen complete with a crown. 

We are extremely saddened to hear of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts are with all the Royal Family at this deeply sad time.

Out of respect the Resort will be closed tomorrow. If you’re due to visit you will receive an email about your booking.
More and more messages and flowers of condolences are being left outside Buckingham Palace. 
Those who wish to leave floral tributes at Buckingham Palace will be guided to lay them at dedicated sites in Green Park or Hyde Park, the Palace said.
Flowers left outside the Palace gates will be moved to the Green Park Floral Tribute Garden by The Royal Parks.Mourners gather outside Buckingham PalaceFlowers will be moved to dedicated sites

Many questions remain surrounding the next ten days as the country enters and official mourning period, many of which surround the Queen’s funeral. 
The funeral service will take place at Westminster Abbey, and a two-minute silence will be held across the UK at noon.
A committal service will then be held at St George’s Chapel, which is at Windsor Castle, where the Queen will be buried at King George VI Memorial Chapel.
King Charles will also embark on a tour of the UK before the burial is held after Her Majesty passed away.

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo paid tribute to the Queen’s “incomparable dedication”. 
Mr Picardo confirmed he had written to King Charles III to offer his condolences of the Government and the people of Gibraltar. 
He added: “The People of Gibraltar and the Government proclaim their loyalty to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and to His Majesty The King.
“May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest in eternal peace and may the reign of His Majesty The King be long, peaceful and prosperous. Long live the King.”
A special service of reflection will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral tonight, with 2,000 tickets available for members of the public. 
The service will begin at 6pm in the historic building.

Tickets are available on a first come first service basis from the City of London tourism office.
Those wishing to attend the service must visit in the office in person at Carter Lane, EC4M 8BX to collect a wristband from 11:00.

Prince Harry has been spotted boarding a plane at Aberdeen Airport. 
The Duke fo Sussex is the first member of the Royal Family to be seen following the death of the Queen on Thursday. Prince Harry boards plane at AberdeenLiz Truss will lead MPs today in paying tribute in the House of Commons. 
Regular parliamentary business has been scrapped on just the third day of the new Prime Minister premiership as the UK enters a period of mourning. 
Instead of debating laws and amendments to legislation, MPs will gather in the House of Commons this afternoon to pay their respects to the woman who reigned over Great Britain for the last 70 years.
Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle confirmed last night that tributes would take place from midday today, with the House sitting until 10pm.
Unsually, MP’s will also gather over the weekend due to the sheer number of MPs wishing to pay their respects. 
A convoy of cars escorted by police has arrived at Aberdeen Airport. 
Prince Harry was the first royal to leave Balmoral this morning and is expected to return to his wife the Duchess of Sussex. Cars arrive at Aberdeen AirportThe Queen seemed frail but “in really good spirits” at the weekend, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has said.
The Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields spent the weekend at Balmoral and had dinner with the Queen on Saturday and lunch with her on Sunday.
He said he was surprised by the sudden decline in her health and death on Thursday.
He added: “She was in great form, really good spirits – obviously frail, you can see that, but absolutely on the ball.
“She was talking about her past, her love for Balmoral, her father, her mother, Prince Philip, horses, very much very engaged with what was happening in the church and what was happening in the nation too.
“This frail lady came in but there was still that sense of who she was and that real sense of making you feel immediately at ease, engaging with you immediately in conversation, a nice bright smile, everything you would expect of your monarch.”

The Queen was last pictured on TuesdayRoyal Salutes will be fired in London today at 1pm, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.
The rounds will be fired in Hyde Park by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and at the Tower of London. 
One round will be fired for each year of the Queen’s life meaning 96 rounds will be fired. 
Buckingham Palace has released official details for the arrangements at the royal residence for the period of mourning. 
The Palace said it is the “King’s wish that the period of Royal Mourning be observed from now until seven days after The Queen’s funeral”, with the date yet to be confirmed. 
Flags at the royal residence will also remain at half-mast until 8 am on the morning after the final day of mourning. 
Buckingham Palace issues guidance on royal mourning, flags at royal residences and floral tributes as we enter a period of mourning following the Queenu2019s death.
BBC One continues to suspend its regular programming following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
The broadcaster is airing rolling news coverage on Friday with a BBC News Special filling regular TV slots in between BBC News at One and BBC News at Six.
Regular shows, including Eastenders, Bargain Hunt and Homes Under The Hammer have all been moved to BBC Two on Friday. 
Prince Harry has left Balmoral. 
The Duke of Sussex left the castle around 8.20 am this morning in a convoy of two cars by his security team. 
The Duke flew to Scotland and was driven into Balmoral at around 8pm – an hour and a half after the public announcement of the Queen’s death on Thursday.
His wife, Meghan Markle did not accompany him to Scotland on Thursday. 
Flowers are beginning to build outside Balmoral where Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday. 
Members of the public are gathering to pay their respects to the monarch following her death at the castle in Scotland. 
King Charles II is expected to depart from the castle for London this morning followed by the rest of the Royal Family to begin the accession process.Flower are being laid outside BalmoralKing Charles II is expected to depart shortlyPrince Andrew could look after the Queen’s beloved dogs after the 96-year-old monarch passed away, a report has claimed. 
Throughout her 70-year-reign, the Queen has long been associated with her iconic pet dogs.
According to Newsweek, it is believed the Queen had about five dogs, including two corgis named Muick and Sandy, a Dorgi called Candy, and two Cocker Spaniels.

However, a royal expert has claimed the Duke of York could be set to take in the Queen’s pooches.
Biographer Ingrid Seward said: “I imagine the dogs would be looked after by the family, probably Andrew [as] he’s the one that gave them to her, they’re quite young, the corgi and the dorgi.”
Flags around the world have been lowered to half-mast as nations pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. 
According to tradition, the flag should be flown no less than two-thirds of the way up the flagpole with at least the height of another flag above. 
The practice dates back to the 17th century. Some sources suggest the flag is lowered to make room for an “invisible flag of death” flying above.
In the UK flags are only flown at half-mast on the death of a sovereign, funerals of members of the Royal Family, the funerals of foreign rules, prime ministers, and ex-rime ministers or by special command of the sovereign. The flag was lowered at the White House as a sign of respectAustralia also paid its respects to Queen Elizabeth IIThe Dalai Lama has written to King Charles II to express his “deep sadness” over the death of the Queen. 
He wrote of his memories of the Queen and remembering her coronation in 1953. 
He wrote: “Her reign, as Britain’s longest-serving monarch, represented celebration, inspiration, and a reassuring sense of continuity for so many people alive today.
“Your mother lived a meaningful life with dignity, grace, a strong sense of service, and a warm heart, qualities we all should treasure.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby paid Queen’s “clarity of thinking, capacity for careful listening, inquiring mind, humour, remarkable memory and extraordinary kindness”. 
Justin Welby said the Queen “never lost hope” in her life, despite the bad moments. 

He told BBC Breakfast: “The Queen constantly showed us the meaning of life – she was joyful, she was humorous, her life was full.
“But she never, even in bad moments, lost hope.
“I obviously spoke to her after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, and spent some time with her and there was just a solidity of hope in her life.”

He added: “It feels as though for so many people around the world, especially in the UK, that a part of our lives we’ve taken for granted as being permanent is no longer there.
“And in that sense there is an enormous shift in the world around us, in how we see it and how we understand ourselves.
“I think many people will be finding that sense of not just grief, but also uncertainty and to some extent a wondering about what is permanent.”
Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge will now be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. 
As King Charles’ eldest son, William now becomes the heir apparent as first in line to the throne.
The family will eventually become ‘of Wales’ one Charles gives the title of Prince and Princess of Wales. 
The Cambridge children – Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have become Prince George of Cornwall and Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cornwall and Cambridge, and Prince Louis of Cornwall and Cambridge.
READ MORE.The family will eventually become 'of Wales'Three planes are scheduled to bring the Royal Family back from Scotland to London. 
According to aircraft and satellite tracking platform Skyscanworld, three planes are scheduled for RAF Northolt. 
Members of the family, including the Queen’s four children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward all rushed to Balmoral on Thursday following the news the Queen was under medical supervision. 
Prince William and Prince Harry are also at Balmoral this morning. 
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Angela Merkel has thanked the Queen for her “devotion and her dignity” in the UK, Europe and the World. 
The former German Chancellor, who met the Queen on several occasions said she heard the news with “the greatest sadness”. 
Ms Merkel said: “With her death, an era comes to an end.
“There are no words that can even come close to honouring the outstanding importance of the Queen, her sense of duty, her moral integrity, her devotion and her dignity over seven decades for the United Kingdom, for Europe and for the world,”
“The honour that I had the privilege of meeting her several times and that she received me for the last time at the end of my term of office last year will always remain unforgettable for me,
“My thoughts at this hour are in a special way with the Royal Family and His Majesty King Charles III.”The Queen and Angela Merkel met on a number of occasionsSir Elton John paid further tribute to the Queen at his concert in Toronto, Canada. 
The singer-songwriter praised the monarch and her “inspiring presence”. 
He told his audience the Queen had led Britain through “some of our greatest and darkest moments” saying she “deserved” her final rest.
He went on to give a rendition of his track ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ while images of the Queen were displayed on screens around him. 
Crowds have begun to gather outside Buckingham Palace this morning to pay their respects to the Queen. 
Flowers have been left by well-wishers are members of the public were spotted crying and coming to terms with the news of the Queen’s death. 
King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort are due to return to London later today. A young girl lays flowers in memory of the QueenCrowds gather outside Buckingham Palace

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