Refugees in Germany: Municipalities are at their limit – DW (English)

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Almost one million Ukrainian refugees have found shelter in Germany. The country’s municipalities have reached their absorption limit. But the pressure is likely to rise –– because more people are once again migrating via the Balkan route.

Germany will now consider queer refugees at risk of persecution in their home countries, whether or not they openly live with their identity and orientation.
A growing number of Russian men are trying to leave their country to avoid being drafted into the army. Many in Germany are willing to grant them asylum. But the Ukrainian community is more than skeptical.
Politicians from across Germany’s political spectrum want to offer protection for Russian military deserters. But legal issues have not yet been resolved — and the most important escape routes are closed.
Many people have fled the war in Ukraine and headed to Germany, while more asylum-seekers are arriving from other regions via southeastern Europe. Local authorities are feeling overwhelmed and are sounding the alarm.
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