Newspaper headlines: Tories threaten rebellion as tax vote 'delayed' –

The front pages are filled with talk of a Conservative rebellion as the chancellor prepares to defend the government's economic plans at the Tory party conference in Birmingham.
According to the Daily Telegraph, Liz Truss is to delay a vote on scrapping the top rate of tax after the former Levelling-up Secretary, Michael Gove, added his voice to growing criticism of the plan, calling it "not Conservative".
The Daily Mail's headline questions whether the prime minister could be on the brink of a U-turn, in the face of what it calls a "mounting Tory revolt".
It says there is speculation that the tax cut could be ditched by No 10 in a bid to shore up support for the rest of the mini-budget measures.
Downing Street has told the BBC there is no delay to a vote.
The Guardian says a "rising drumbeat of discontent" is overshadowing the Tories' conference as some MPs threaten all-out rebellion amid fears they will once again become known as "the nasty party".
An unnamed former cabinet minister has told the Daily Mirror that Ms Truss has lost all credibility and will be ousted as prime minister by Christmas unless she abandons her tax cuts for the wealthy.
The Times highlights the latest criticism of Ms Truss's plans by the former Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps.
Writing in the paper, he says cutting the top rate of tax is a "tin-eared" move that has managed to alienate almost everyone.
The Daily Express says the chancellor will draw a line under the market turmoil of the past week when he issues a "conference battle cry" this afternoon.
Kwasi Kwarteng is expected to say the government "must stay the course" as watered-down alternatives would leave Britain on a path of "managed decline".
Mr Kwarteng's speech is also previewed by the Financial Times, which notes the chancellor will insist he is confident his plan is the "right one".
The paper's editorial disagrees, warning that every easy round of applause won inside the political bubble of conference risks reinforcing the instinct to double down on what it calls the "disastrous" mini-budget rather than recognise that markets value orthodoxy.
Yesterday's conference appearance by the singer, Mel B, is featured by the Sun, which says the former Spice Girl took the event "by storm" as she demanded action on domestic abuse.
It reports that a pin drop could be heard as politicians took in the star's powerful testimony about being in a decade-long abusive relationship, before she called for more funding for support services.
The Sun's leader column says it hopes her message got through as "too many victims don't survive".
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The Telegraph says freedom of information requests have revealed that hospitals in England are cancelling more than 22,000 appointments a day, despite the government's pledge to clear the NHS backlog.
It says the average daily number so far this year is up 20% on pre-pandemic levels, with some patients experiencing repeated cancellations.
The former health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has told the paper the figures are "staggering" and the government must urgently address staff shortages.
The Department for Health says it is making progress in reducing the backlog, but there is more to do.
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