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News Ireland

“News Ireland is the multiple award winning Dublin based news publishing arm of News UK & Ireland. We publish The Irish Sun and Sunday Times Ireland in print and our digital business and are reaching increasing audiences across all Ireland.
Our editorial teams cover every aspect of Irish news, business, sports, culture and life and our commercial, creative and marketing teams connect our huge audiences to businesses, products and information through the full range of channels.”
Nóirín Hegarty
The Times and The Sunday Times Ireland

“The Times and The Sunday Times Ireland brands command trust and credibility – essential qualities that assure our readers they can believe what we publish across news, current affairs, lifestyle, sport, culture and business. Our Irish team, operating seven days a week in digital and on Sundays in print, understands the issues that matter to an Irish audience at home and abroad. We cut through the noise to inform, entertain and engage providing compelling, exciting and unmissable journalism.”
Kieran McDaid
The Irish Sun

“The Irish Sun is a fearless campaigner, a passionate supporter and an all-round entertainer. We’re agenda setters and market leaders. We speak up for our readers, fight for what matters, hold the powerful to account and help those in need. We do it all with energy, heart and humour. We want to make life better and brighter for everyone. Across three decades in Ireland, we’ve felt the pulse of the nation. We’ve broken stories, asked tough questions, shared big laughs and cheered our teams on.”
Our commercial team is committed to building engaging relationships between brands and our audiences across all platforms, online, publishing, interactive, and live. Creativity, engagement, and partnerships are key pillars to everything we do with the client in the centre of all delivery. We work very closely with Editorial and the Studio team which ensures we have the ideas which will engage our audiences. Our content reaches all demographics and cohorts of Irish society and we are in the unique position of offering free to air and subscription audiences across multiple platforms.
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