Migrant workers concerned over Taiwan-China tensions – DW (English)

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The uptick in tensions across the Taiwan Strait has left Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan worried for their future in the event of a dangerous escalation. DW correspondent Zachary Lee reports.

A parliamentary delegation’s visit this week demonstrates symbolic support for Taipei, but experts say it is not a fundamental shift in the status-quo of Germany’s stance towards Taiwan.
The Ukrainian leader of a pro-Taiwan caucus of lawmakers in Kyiv has said China is “proving to be a friend of our enemy.” He added Taiwan could play a role in rebuilding Ukraine.
Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that reunification was the only way for “true peace” in the Taiwan Strait.
Former top Taiwanese defense official Admiral Lee Hsi-ming told DW he is concerned that forces are not ready to fight off China, and that a new defense concept is needed.
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