In South Africa, life is returning to normal – DW (English)

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South Africa was the only country on the continent to provide financial support to unemployed people. For some, the monthly assistance of 20 euros let them launch a new business. Including one man who opened an ice cream parlor in Soweto Township.

South Africa and the US have vowed to work more closely in areas such as climate change and security, despite disagreement on the war in Ukraine.
So-called quiet quitting is the act of doing exactly what the job calls for and nothing more. Now workers are using their free time and peace of mind to find new ventures.
Almost all new Bollywood releases are facing relentless social media campaigns calling for their boycott. But it’s not the only problem confronting the Hindi film industry.
Trade union-led protests have called on the government to reign in runaway inflation and rising costs. South Africa is still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
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