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Germany has recorded 300 COVID-related deaths amid the record daily cases. Elsewhere, Singapore extends its quarantine-free travel for visitors in an effort to live with the virus. Follow DW for the latest.

The new figures come as Germany grapples with high infection rates in recent weeks.
Germany has reported more than 300,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day for the first time, according to figures released by the country’s public authority for infectious diseases on Thursday.
Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said it recorded 318,387 cases within 24 hours compared to 294,931 from last week.
The latest data also showed 300 coronavirus-related deaths, compared to 278 a week earlier. Meanwhile, the seven-day incidence rate of infection has reached a new high at 1,752 new infections per 100,000 people.
The new figures come as Germany grapples with high infection rates in recent weeks, causing German states to delay fully easing restrictions instead of opening up on March 20 as initially planned.
Here are the latest major developments on coronavirus from around the world:
Singapore announced it will lift quarantine requirements for all vaccinated travelers from next week, as the country moves more firmly toward a “living with the virus” approach.    
From April 1, doubled-jabbed visitors and unvaccinated children can enter the financial hub without quarantining and only have to provide a negative test result before entry.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called the relaxed travel curbs is a “major milestone” for the country as it will “reconnect Singapore with the world.”
“It will give a much-needed boost to businesses, particularly the tourism sector, and it will help Singapore reclaim its position as a business and aviation hub.”
The new rules also include scrapping requirements to wear masks outdoors and allow larger groups to gather.
Zimbabwe has kickstarted a new COVID-19 vaccination campaign that also targets children above 12. The aim is to address vaccine hesitancy in the country, the government has said.
The country has enough doses, including for booster jabs, but uptake had slowed in recent months as the number of cases and fatalities dropped.
Just over 8 million doses have been used out of more than 22 million in stock, latest government figures show.
Tunisia has greeted the first cruise ship since 2019 and expects 40 this year in a revival of tourism after the pandemic.
Poland will lift mandatory mask wearing in confined spaces and quarantine requirement for travelers and roommates of people who tested positive, the government said on Thursday.
The new rules, which exclude health care facilities, are a result of COVID-19 infection rates declining in the country, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski.
The minister also added that the 2 million refugees who arrived in Poland since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not led to an increase in cases.
An Italian Parliament committee that deals with intelligence matters summoned former Premier Giuseppe Conte over growing concerns that a Russian military and medical team sent to help Italy early in the pandemic was on a spying mission. Conte was serving as Italy’s populist leader when the pandemic began in 2020 and overwhelmed the country’s health system.
French Conservative presidential candidate Valerie Pecresse said she had tested positive for COVID-19 and would have to campaign remotely.
Elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a drop in over two thirds of US counties, new government data showed.
More than 73% of US counties experienced a natural decrease or an excess of deaths over births, up from 55.5% in 2020 and 45.5% in 2019, the census bureau said on Thursday.
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