COVID-19: Is Germany prepared for a winter wave? – DW (English)

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German leaders are debating how to deal with a potential increase in coronavirus infections once the colder months begin. But COVID plans are controversial. DW’s Thomas Sparrow has the details.

Germany has modified rules on mask-wearing and hygiene as it prepares for a rise in COVID-19 cases. But not all restrictions have been tightened — and not everyone is satisfied.
The government is phasing out all coronavirus measures at borders and on planes and trains. However, it warned that they could return if the situation worsens.
US President Joe Biden has declared the pandemic to be “over,” but hundreds still die in the US daily. Patient advocates and researchers warn that public health and the economy are still at risk.
Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere and experts are anticipating more infection waves. But new omicron-specific boosters could calm the tide.
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