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PALO ALTO, Calif.–()–Camect Inc., the leading smart hub device, adding artificial intelligence detection to all ONVIF and RTSP security cameras, has announced a strategic integration with Netwatch North America, the leader in proactive video monitoring solutions. This partnership elevates video camera detection, and adds proactive video monitoring services to existing infrastructure without the need to rip and replace existing hardware. By working together these systems empower agents to respond to critical alerts more efficiently and effectively.

The market for proactive security solutions continues to increase as more and more organizations seek to implement better risk management and protection. Unfortunately, outdated equipment is the second largest reason for false alerts and puts organizations at risk of additional threats and costly fines.
“We developed the Camect Smart Camera Hub as a cost-effective solution to deliver intelligence to security cameras and end nuisance alerts without the cost of replacing the existing cameras.” said Arup Mukherjee, Camect Co-Founder. “The Camect Smart Hub is not only an edge device, but provides best-in-class analytics, a NVR, and also acts as an affordable gateway solution for all ONVIF and RTSP cameras. “We are thrilled to partner with Netwatch North America as we know proactive video monitoring will help provide our users with stronger detection, quicker response time through live-audio warnings, and scalability without needing to replace their existing equipment.” said Mukerjee.
“We enjoy working with partners who share the same passions as we do,” said Justin Wilmas. President, Netwatch North America. “Camect believes in purpose-built solutions to solve the security needs that plague organizations. Netwatch proactive video monitoring adds value to the market, and this integration is the latest example that proactive security innovations remain our primary goal for our customers.”
Proactive video monitoring is a service that leverages on-site video surveillance systems and hubs, like Camect, comprehensive machine learning analytics, and highly trained intervention specialists to monitor sites and follow customer-determined protocols when a threat is detected. Once an alert is received, Netwatch’s intervention specialists evaluate the situation over a live video feed, determining the threat level. The operator speaks directly to the intruder with a live audio warning advising them to leave the premises immediately. In 98 percent of cases, the live warning stops the criminal from proceeding. This monitoring-to-protect approach sets us apart in the market and enables us to prevent most incidents from occurring.
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About Camect
Camect believes time is our most valuable currency. That is why we invented a product designed to give you some time back. The Camect Smart Camera Hub eliminates useless security alerts, ends alert fatigue and acts as an NVR gateway to ease multi-camera connectivity. It’s time to stop being bombarded by pointless alerts. It’s time to add Camect to your security system.
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Alert fatigue is real. The average security dealer gets 11,000 per day. Now integrated with Netwatch, Camect eliminates false alerts.
Rachel Swardson


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