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THIS is the latest article regarding the rising energy costs at Bovey Tracey swimming as well as all our fellow pools in the area.
Since the first article in early August, at the end of the month we were all hit with the latest energy prices.
As individuals, families, businesses and the voluntary run organisations, like Bovey Pool this was devastating.
Let’s just hope that the new Prime Minister will help us all out? Everyone needs help.
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My first piece, a month ago resulted in an amazing response from all who work and volunteer at Bovey Pool as well as the outstanding response from our Pool users. My second article, two weeks later gave a brief outline of how we were progressing with fund raising as well as what we could do to keep the pool running for years to come.
In this Article I made reference to money raised to that date, £3500. I also outlined our plans to help raise further funds. Below is a short report on each event.
Where’s Ducky colouring competition came about following the Lifeguards hiding toy ducks around the pool side for swimmers to find.
This resulted in nearly every user of the pool spending a lot of time finding them.
As a result, Alison Bryant created a drawing of the pool with hidden ducks for children and adults to colour and the winners to receive a prize.
Well done Flora and Caroline and thank you to Annette Dewitt for organising this and raising £72 in the process.
Grace Stoneman aged nine from Bovey Tracey organised a hugely successful bingo on behalf of the Bovey Tracey Swimming Pool raising a magnificent £739.
Grace who has been a Brownie for the past two years has gained her Charity and Fund-Raising Badge for her achievement. 
Grace said: ‘I wanted to help the pool because the increased cost of energy’.
Vanessa Steer, Bovey Swimming Pool Secretary, thanked all those who have helped and supported Grace’s fabulous effort.
On August 23 as many as 40 people paid £10 to Stretch out with David Steer at a Yoga session on the Recreation ground field beside the Pool and another £400 raised which was great.
Finally, on September 1 the 24 Hour sponsored swim, swum in 1-hour stints by the Pools’ own life guards, supported by two ex lifeguards. Starting at 18:00, the senior lifeguard kicked it off with 100 lengths in the first hour.
Over the next night and day the Pool’s lifeguards, some of whom have worked there for many years and some who achieved their Lifeguard qualification just this year, powered continuously up and down the length of the pool with the final hour consisting of a relay style swim with multiple lifeguards in the water.
The challenge was completed at 18.00 on September 2.
The effort put in was incredible with the majority stating they had never swum so far or that long without stopping before.
The challenge was to swim 50Km – the length of the river Teign.
This target was smashed. An incredible 2728 lengths were swum making an overall total distance of 68.2km.
The event was planned and led by Rowan Munk and supported by Alisha Lewis, both of whom remained at the pool for the 24 hours providing essential lifeguard cover throughout the night – the whole of the Lifeguard team raised more than £3000.
As well as the events held in the past two weeks, the pool has received an amazing amount in donations from so many users and Bovey based organisations who support the pool.
This comes to an incredible £7750. In total since the first article was published at the end of July, we have raised more than £12000 – just amazing.
Thank you everyone.
It has been a great year for the Pool. By the end of July, we had had 9500 pool users. Following the amazing summer, we have since had a further 5719 users – a grand total of 15219. So many people use our Pool and we must keep it.
The Energy group have now received all the information they require and over the next three weeks will be presenting all findings to the Pool’s Trustees who will need to make final decisions on how to proceed.
As mentioned in previous articles the cost of updating our energy sources and heating systems will be considerable. £12000 is a terrific start but there is a lot more to find.
Our donations page will remain open on our website so if you can spare a few pounds to help would be outstanding.
Please keep your eyes open for future events.
On September 28 at 7pm adventurer and author Kit Pascoe will be giving a talk at the Bovey Tracey Football Club: with no plan or experience, Kit sailed more than 20,000 miles across the Atlantic, tickets are £5 and available online via our website or from Bovey Larder.
A quiz night will be taking place on November 2 at 7.30pm at the Dolphin Hotel.
A Christmas Santa Dash, organised by Bovey Tracey Lifesaving Club with Josies and the Jolley Roger, on the December 18 will be taking place – keep your eyes open for details.
Thank you once again for taking time to read the article and thank you so much for your support and continued support for our amazing Swimming Pool in Bovey Tracey.
Ian Hutchings, Chairman of Energy working group.
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