Afghan refugees urge Germany to honor its promises – DW (English)

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It’s been more than one year since the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban. Many thousands of people have fled the country. Germany has become home to about 180,000 of them, and has promised to accept about 30,000 more.

Afghan evacuees whom the US had said would be temporarily housed in Kosovo are still there a year later — with no way out. Teri Schultz shares the story of one man who says he is treated more like an inmate than an ally.
A year after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, Berlin’s efforts to evacuate thousands of at-risk Afghans are stalling.
In May, Germany’s Interior Ministry vowed to protect Russian anti-war activists and other dissidents fleeing the country. How many individuals have been taken in, and why have some been rejected?
Women who protested against Taliban rules were threatened, detained, and tortured, human rights watchdog Amnesty International said in a new report.
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